Project Managers : Proactive vs Reactive

Project managers across different organizations have varying styles of managing projects. Proactive project managers are those who can foresee the events to an extent that they have a response plan ready for those situations. Reactive project managers on the other hand wait until the situation has occurred and plan their next course of action based on that. Which one’s better is a debatable question? But based on my personal experience I believe being proactive certainly has its own advantages when it comes to project management.

Proactive Project ManagerLet’s walk through a real time example from my personal diaries. I was assigned a new project in my role as a Project Manager. I had to take the project from its inception to completion managing it along its journey. From writing the SOW, to defining requirements, assigning resources, time and budget baselines, identifying risks – all the works had to be done by me. Just like any amateur Project Manager I did the mistake of not being able to proactively identify all the stakeholders, risks and fall back plans.

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Project Manager : 10 Daily Aspects Worth Following

Daily aspects for a project manager vary from project to project, company to company and most certainly by individuals. Project management requires a certain ability to foresee different aspects of a project in advance. A successful project manager is someone who is proactive and looked upon in a time of crisis.  Managing a project effectively and efficiently calls for day-to-day decisions, resolving conflicts, problem solving and keeping track of the overall progress.

project manager

To an extent Project Management certification from PMI helps gain valuable experience. It provides for insights into the granularity of project management practices. Check out this post on how to avoid and audit of a PMP application. You can also read this post to get some tips on how to pass the PMP exam successfully.

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10 Best Tips To Pass The PMP Exam On First Try

“How to pass the PMP exam on the first try”? Is that the reason you landed on this blog post? In either case, the reason you are here is because you desire to be a Project Management Professional. And just like many out there, including me, you want to attempt the PMP exam and give it your best shot to crack it on your first attempt!

PMP Exam

First things first, this post will walk you through my personal journey on how, I, in particular, approached the PMP exam. It does not necessarily advocate the ONLY best practices out there. But it shall rather walk you through the usual works of how to go about getting yourself PMP certified from my perspective. It would also be a good idea to first go through the PMP Handbook as a first pass review to get yourself familiar. Again, I would urge you to also explore and find your own style of learning, preparing and approaching the PMP as you embark upon this journey. All along the way you can always keep coming back to this post to refer to any tips and tricks which you might feel shall benefit you.
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How To Avoid An Audit Of The PMP Application Process?

Are you a PMP aspirant looking to avoid an audit of your PMP application? If so, you have landed on the right blog post. I was working on my other blog post describing my journey of how I went on to become a certified Project Management Professional. Half way through it I realized that the PMP application process by itself deserves a separate mention. I was originally planning on including the details of how to avoid an audit in the PMP application process in that post. But then, I figured out that many aspiring PMP candidates might find this information useful as a separate blog post.

PMP application

Through different forums I have come across many people who face a lot of issues when it comes to writing their PM experience. Add to it, you are given only 500 words to describe what you did on a project and still sound legit. This post will give you an overview on how to approach this important step of filling out your PMP application. I was one of the many (or few) lucky ones for not being selected for an audit of my PMP application.
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5 Tips To Create The Perfect Facebook Posts

What is Facebook for you? One could come up with different nuances of Facebook usage to fit their requirements – a tool for social media marketing, a website to connect socially with friends and relatives, a medium to promote your company or hobby or maybe just another way to keep in touch with everyone around the world! The commonalities midst there various notions about Facebook includes – the status update box – viz a viz – creating the perfect Facebook post.


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10 Basic Ways To Promote Your Writing

If you are reading this blog post, means you stumbled upon it when you searched for something like “how to promote my writing skills” or maybe “How to market my article?” Is that right? If it is, read on. You are investing your time in the right place currently and by end of this reading you will feel confident about how you should promote your writing skills.

10 Basic Ways To Promote Your Writing

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5 Tips To Overcome The Writer’s Block

Every author, writer and a scribbler, has to go over a writer’s block, some frequently, while the creative best face this maybe on a less frequent basis. As I am writing this post, I realize that I was clouded by the exact same mental block that I am going to pen down today. I hope to inspire, awaken and encourage you to break the shackles and get going on your next writing project.

5 Tips To Overcome The Writer's Block

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Is Facebook Advertising A Scam?

The rise of Social Media has slowly made small, medium and large businesses to adapt and unlock the power of marketing that lies within. Facebook and Twitter icons have become an essential part of any advertising campaigns whether they be on TV or online. Different social media channels have different strategies that one can make use of to implement their own marketing tactics. But do these Social Media advertising campaigns really work? Are they for real? Or are they scams? Is Facebook advertising a scam?

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3 Awesome Twitter Tools To Increase Productivity

Twitter, over time has proved itself to be one of the most powerful marketing and social media platform. 140 characters to compose your thought, market your business, post a link, share a message, and before you realize your are already a part of a micro-blogging experience. And since Twitter is emerging as such a versatile and fast social media channel, let’s look at 3 Awesome Twitter Tools To Increase Productivity in order to make our life easier.

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5 Basic Marketing Tools For Your Start-Up Business

A business, no matter how big or small of an entity it is, is always in the need of good marketing plans, strategies on how to build an audience, a group of followers, a fan base and most importantly on how to convert those into business prospects and potential customers. There are practically numerous ways one can implement different strategies and channels to market one’s business, and that includes the traditional ways plus the modern ways. In today’s blog post we will look into 5 basic marketing tools for your start-up business.

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